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Some Of Our Clients

A Few Of The People That We Guide & Partner With

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Marianne & John have completely changed my health. They educated & guided me to make different choices. I was skeptical at first and had nothing to lose. I’ve lost weight, my bloodwork has improved & I will be a client for life.

Richard Beaderstadt, Indiana - Client Since 2012

I’ve known John and Marianne for quite a while. When I found out what they were doing, I was already looking for a way to stay healthy – conveniently, simply, and affordably. After talking to them, it just made sense to give it a try – and I have been a happy client since May 2015! 

Margaret Millett, North Carolina - Client Since May 2015

I came from the beauty industry, and was looking for a way to be healthier, have more energy, and make an income without buying any inventory. Partnering with Marianne, I found what I was looking for! I feel great – and I’ve found my new ‘work’ home!  (Business Reports Don’t Lie).

Lorie McCormick, Washington - Client & Business Partner Since July 2020

I met Marianne through the EWN. Being a busy business owner myself, I’m all about making my life as healthy, simple & reasonable as possible – and supporting women in business where I can. After doing some investigation, what she explained just made sense! She was able to help me in several different areas to change up what I had been doing/using, pointing me to products that were more technologically advanced (to deliver better results) and still affordable.  That, plus helping a sister entrepreneur equals win-win-WIN!!!  I am a very happy client & I feel great!

Dr. Elizabeth Rosner, Georgia - Client Since March 2021